Saturday, 21 January 2012

And So It Begins...

I thought I'd start with the obligatory New Year's Resolutions - except with an important twist. I am not going to make vague claims of getting in better shape (although the holiday season has been brutal on my waistline), or about lofty goals that are personal to me - yet boring to you, which may be seen as self-indulgent. Instead, I am going to take my goals for 2012 and put them in a (very) short-term time capsule. One that I will break open at the end of the year.

I heretofore promise to share my victories, defeats and moments of mediocrity once the sun sets on what should be a fantastic year. Besides, according to some who have had a stab at interpreting the Mayan calendar - if the world ends on Dec 21, I may not need to worry about having egg on my face ;-)

What I now will share, however, is the goal of living life as fully as possible. That, and scoring a marvelous literary agent/superhero that will help dissect the word 'aspiring' from the word 'writer.' I'm banking on the fact that using a time-management journal in order to pencil in my daily/weekly/monthly tasks will stop me scratching my head and wondering where the year has gone come December.

Remember folks: create SMARTER goals...
Evaluate them, then

May it be the best year yet for you.

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